Off the Beaten Path Travel Destinations for 2017

Mexicooo!!! Yes, that’s where I’m flying to in March! From there the plan is to – very slowly – travel down south. Probably 2017 will be all about Central-America. Of course I will be back on the hunt for more new off the beaten path travel destinations. Curious what I have in mind for 2017? Here’s some of the ideas I hope making it to this year!


I am so much looking forward to hopping on that flight to Mexico. Back to the lands of white beaches and tropical climates! Next to that I cannot wait to explore the highlands, Mexican culture, tequila and taco’s of course. One of the things I always wanted to visit ever since I saw a picture of it is the underground lakes. Apparently in Mexico there are several of them, Cenote Dzitnup, Cenote Xkeken and Cenote Samula (on the picture) for example.

Off the Beaten Path Travel Destinations
Picture by: dronepicr/WikiMedia Commons


Belize, for some reason, hasn’t been high on my list. Probably because it is one of those countries you just barely hear or know anything about. But now that the road is taking me in this direction, I am getting more excited every day. The towns look chill, quiet and colourful, nature and wildlife in Belize should be astounding and I can’t wait to take a dive in Belize’s Great Barrier Reef or trekking in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Off the Beaten Path Travel Destinations 2
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Ever since I can remember I have had an enormous interest in pyramids. I guess I was a pyramid builder in a past life or something. It started with a fascination of the Egyptian ones, but as soon as I learned about the Mayan pyramids I went totally crazy. To visit Tikal has of course always been a dream of mine. But Guatemala has so much more to offer than ancient archeological ruins. Natural wonders, like the waterfall Semuc Champey with its clear blue waters for example….

off the beaten path travel destinations
Picture by: Christopher Crouzet/WikiMedia Commons

El Salvador

A country full of nature, culture, colours and history, that’s the idea I have when I think of El Salvador. What I’m mostly looking forward to in this country is to walk (or drive) the Ruta de las Flores. This route should show you every aspect that El Salvador has to offer, from jungles to waterfalls, churches and colonial architecture, to Mayan ruins and street art. Unfortunately I am not able to find a good picture of it so you’re just going to have to wait until I have been there myself!


I love colours. I love old buildings. So I think I should settle down in Granada for a while. I mean, just look at that picture, that just looks like a place to stay forever doesn’t it? And a town that is supposedly surrounded by islands, volcanoes, markets and cheap and good street food, well, it sounds like the perfect place to hang out for a while.

off the beaten path travel destinations
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Costa Rica

Costa Rica for me is all about jungle. Trekking, mud, wildlife, intense humidity, nature, and chirping animals all around you. The most I look forward to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, a place where it is so humid that it is covered in mysterious mist almost constantly.

off the beaten path travel destinations
Picture by: Dirk van der Made/WikiMedia Commons


Panama is probably going to be my last stop before heading to the South American continent. When I think of Panama now without ever having been there, I think of a green jungle with Panama city rising above it and the Panama Canal going through it. Everyone who knows me knows I love white sandy beaches lined with palm trees and a hammock here and there. San Blas islands are on top of my list.

off the beaten path travel destinations
Picture by: Haakon S. Krohn/WikiMedie Commons

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