Kathmandu Fun Park: Nepal’s Biggest Theme Park

Kathmandu Fun Park Nepal's Biggest Theme Park

You might get very high hopes by reading this title. The Kathmandu Fun Park for sure is fun, and it definitely is the biggest theme park of Nepal, but it sure as hell ain’t Disneyland (which is good – but hey, you know what I mean).

I’d been living in Nepal for a couple of months, enjoying an AirBnb apartment for a while. It was nice to have a  home again. My home came including a scooter, which made it even more nice. The apartment was a bit away from Thamel and busses or taxis. Even though the Kathmandu traffic is absolutely mental and you need some balls to drive around there if you’re not used to this chaos, I loved it.

Kathmandu Fun Park Nepal's Biggest Theme Park

Every time I drove to one of my friends houses or workplaces I drove past the Kathmandu Fun Park. I quite enjoy a theme park every once in a while and after living in Kathmandu for a while I had seen Durbar Square about a hundred times. I had to go and explore something new. Of course the Fun Park was on top of my list.

I tried to persuade some of my local friends to come and join me. A couple of them actually thought of coming, but most of them said “We only went there as kids”. I was very happy when I finally met a crazy German girl and Australian guy who were excited to join me. It didn’t take long before we jumped on my scooter and drove in direction Fun Park.

Kathmandu Fun Park Nepal's Biggest Theme Park

We paid the extraordinary amount of 40 Nepali rupees (€0.34) at the counter. I have to warn you – for most attractions you have to pay an additional 50 or 100 rupees. We walked around the park to orientate ourselves and see what was all happening. Only to find ourselves having covered the whole park in about ten minutes. Time to start testing some rides!

It immediately became clear which attractions were the most popular ones. We decided to start in the swinging ship. We were slightly hungover so that might not have been the best idea. A little girl who sat behind us asked “You thought it was scary?” Of course we admitted to be far more scared than she was. We decided on a more quiet ride to have our stomachs settle a bit so we chose the ferris wheel. Now, the Kathmandu Fun Park ferris wheel is not your average ferris wheel. It goes fast. And the cabins swing. It’s awesome, and scary, and quite unexpected.

Kathmandu Fun Park Nepal's Biggest Theme Park Kathmandu Fun Park Nepal's Biggest Theme Park

Next up was the attraction called Jurassic Park. It looked quite impressive with the gaping dinosaur mouth through which you had to enter. Inside the big tent we found four dinosaurs lying on the ground, growling coming from some crackling speakers. When one of the dinosaurs turned out to be moving and chasing people around we cracked up as well.

Kathmandu Fun Park Nepal's Biggest Theme Park

I already read on their Facebook page about the immensely famous House of Horror. A Nepali couple accompanied us. The whole group agreed that I had to go first – including the man. I didn’t expect much, but it appeared to be scary as fuck. Finding your way through this ultra dark house, which strongly resembled a slaughter house.

Scary clowns fell down from the ceiling and came close to hitting your head. Ghosts appeared from corners. Bloody bathtubs and dead bodies swinging around, yes, it was very amusing… Especially when we got lost. Okay, only we were able to achieve that, but still (we blame the power cut, it truly was pitch dark after that). It definitely was the most scary horror house I ever visited. It was near to impossible to take pictures in the dark House of Horror, but here some baby dolls hanging from a tree next to it:

Kathmandu Fun Park Nepal's Biggest Theme Park

Last but not least, Kathmandu Fun Park also houses a true roller coaster. Sort off. The Dragon Ride makes you feel young again. Three speedy rides over the shaking tracks in the dragon shaped cars was actually way more exciting than it looked. Partially because it goes faster than you expected, and partially because it kind of feels like the roller coaster might fall apart any time. But heck, it’s fun.

Kathmandu Fun Park Nepal's Biggest Theme Park

And, ah well, here’s one more picture of a happy Nepali guy riding the carousel, because, why not?

Kathmandu Fun Park Nepal's Biggest Theme Park

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  1. Patrick McAndrew says: Reply

    Greetings and Namaste. I’ve lived here in Kathmandu for 7 years now and a visit to Kathmandu Fun Park has always been a favorite weekend event. It has changed so much over the past 7 years and is now WAY more enjoyable and “fun” than it was years ago. Also, more rides, better games and prizes, and more people. It used to feel like a ghost town attraction. Thanks for your photos and review! I really enjoyed reading this.

    1. Emilie Terpstra says: Reply

      Hi Patrick,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the read! And enjoyed the Fun Park just as much as I did. Interesting that they have been developing that much in the past years. I hope they will have the opportunity to keep doing that! I will definitely come back whenever I am back in Kathmandu. I hope you have an awesome time there. Namaste!

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