How to find cheap flights

How to find cheap flights

At the moment of writing I’m in Romania. I came here on a 6 euro return flight. Often the flight is one of the most expensive parts of traveling, and a reason why many people decide to stay at home. It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a couple of easy tips and tricks to get dirt cheap flights, especially if you are flexible in date and destination. Travel a bit longer by saving some money!

1. Use the best flight search engines

Skyscanner and Momondo definitely are my favourite search engines for getting cheap flights. Kayak and Google Flights are up and coming as well (in my personal use at least). The best features about these search engines is that you can search for flights to “Everywhere” and you can enter flexible dates. A calendar will show up, telling you the cheapest dates of the month and/or the cheapest destination to fly to from where you are now. Which is absolutely great for people who have a bit more freedom.

How to find cheap flights

2. Search for error fares

Error fares happen when something goes wrong on the website of an airline and the price of the flight is drastically lowered because of it. I just bought an error fare return flight to Mexico, 200 euros from Amsterdam (so keep an eye out on my blog or Facebookpage for off the beaten path travel destinations in this part of the world!). Of course searching for these error fares yourself is a pain, but there’s some great people who’ve decided to make our lives a little bit easier. I found my flight to Mexico with the help of SecretFlying. Other good websites and Facebookpages to keep an eye out on are AirFareWatchdog and Holiday Pirates. They mainly have a lot of offers from several European countries and the USA. For people located in the USA there’s also The Flight Deal.

How to find cheap flights

3. Long haul flight? Add an extra destination!

If you have a long haul flight with a transfer, it could really pay off to book all flights separately and sometimes even stay a day or two in one of the transfer cities. Usually the flight will be that much cheaper it pays for your accommodation during transfer, and you have another destination to explore!

4. Flexible dates

Not everyone has the luxury, but if you do it could save you hundreds of euros to avoid certain dates and times to travel. Of course avoiding high season is number 1. Second, some days of the week or month are cheaper to fly on than others. Search engines like Skyscanner and GoogleFlights can really help you figure out what the cheapest day of the month is.

How to find cheap flights

5. Find a cheap airport

Bigger airports often offer cheaper flights. Just because the competition is higher. For me, when I’m leaving from the Netherlands, I often check German and Belgium airports for flights as well. 9 out of 10 times it’s a lot cheaper to travel to our neighbours and fly from there than to pick the nearest airport.

6. Delete your cookies and use incognito mode

I’ve heard other travel bloggers mentioning this is not true. Personally I have never experienced a change of rates if I do this, or even if I switch to a different computer. But it never hurts to try I guess.

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