The Eyes of God, Bulgaria: the country’s biggest cave


Sofia itself, I can’t really say it’s my favourite city. But on a short drive out of the city are several interesting sights that are very much worth checking out. One of them is The Eyes of God, Bulgaria’s most spectacular cave.

I took a road trip to the cave twice, together with groups of tourists from the super awesome Hostel Moreto & Cafetto where I was volunteering for a while. For some reason (whatever reason that may be) we always arrived at the cave while the sun started to set. Which is pretty damn perfect because the Bulgarian hillsides are even more beautiful with sunset.


The cave is in fact a gorge, and the largest of that in Bulgaria. In Bulgarian the cave is called Prohodna, which literally means Passage Cave. It has two gigantic entrances, one in the front and one in the back. Walking there you feel incredibly small, the cave is definitely gigantic. Do some nice echoes at the beginning of the cave, it’s perfect for it.

The-Eyes-of-God-Bulgarias-most-spectacular-cave                           The-Eyes-of-God-Bulgarias-most-spectacular-cave

Halfway through the cave you will come across two enormous eye shaped holes in the ceiling. They are the reason that the cave is known as The Eyes of God. It is in fact as if God is looking down on you there. Watch out when there is snow because that could make God cry a little bit.


If you cross the cave all the way to the other side you will come to the end and enter the gorge. The gorge is lined with several other caves which are great fun to explore, some are even connected with little halls. Bring a torch and you will have the greatest time exploring. On this side of the cave you can also trek further into the Bulgarian hillsides. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out how long these treks are.

There is proof of people who lived here in prehistoric times, although you won’t see any of that nowadays. What you will find is traces of local youngsters using this as their clubhouse, come here on a summer evening and you might have some fun.


How to get there: It’s on an hour drive from Sofia, follow the highway towards Lukova until you see the exit to Karlukova. Follow the road until short after Karlukova and you will see it on your right hand side.

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  1. I’m Bulgarian and I can also say it’s one of the most spectacular places in the country! Great you found it and visited it 🙂

    1. Hey Bistra! It truly is amazing!! The whole of Bulgaria is pretty damn cool anyhow 😉 haha

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