Corfu Off the Beaten Path: the Deserted Village Old Perithia


Corfu, especially during high season, is an island full of tourists. The beauty of the island though is still clearly visible. There’s always a reason why something became famous amongst tourists, is what I think. On the Greek island you can still find more than enough hidden beautiful spots, with old ruins and stunning views. The deserted village of Old Perithia is the first one in the series of “Corfu Off the Beaten Path”.

Old Perithia lies between Kassiopi and Acharavi. Up in the hills, just below Mount Pantokrator, the 14th century Corfiots decided to settle down after numerous threads from pirates, enemies and mosquitos. Back in the day Old Perithia was one of the richest villages of the island. Surrounded by vines, oak trees and a big livestock and safely hidden away in the hills the Perithians had a good life.

corfu-off-the-beaten-path     corfu-off-the-beaten-path

During the 20th century, with the disappearance of piracy and enemies and the arrival of tourists, Old Perithia became more and more empty. Nowadays only a few of the originally 130 houses are still in use. Only about 4 people still live there. Some houses were restored and are now opened as taverns. Most of the houses perished in time to ruins, open for us to explore. Surrounded by hill views and deserted buildings I can keep myself busy quite well.

corfu-off-the-beaten-path     corfu-off-the-beaten-path

I rented a scooter in Acharavi to get to Old Perithia, which is probably one of the cheapest and most fun ways to get there. It’s also possible to hire a car or a quad bike. Maps are available at the rental places. Roads aren’t the greatest, so keep that in mind.

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corfu-off-the-beaten-path     corfu-off-the-beaten-path

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