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About Travel and Live!


Welcome to the freshly new Travel and Live! Yes, I know, it is still quite empty. I have been playing with the idea of my own website for a while. I wanted something new, something fresh, something original. I didn’t want to give you yet another website filled with Top 10 Things to do in Bangkok or Bali. I think I have found it now, and I hope you guys will enjoy it.

At the moment of writing I am lying on my bed in my Airbnb apartment in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have 22 months of traveling throughout Asia behind me, as well as a History studies, an internship at National Geographic Traveler Netherlands-Belgium and quite an extraordinary life which I might tell you something about in the future. During my travels I focus on more off the beaten path places. During my trip in Cambodia I used the Lonely Planet as an indicator of where not to go, which made my trip. I love to learn as much as possible about local cultures, foods, lifestyles, philosophies and so forth. I would like to show you the more unusual side of traveling you will come across – both places and experiences.

Travel and Live! in Nepal
That’s me, in Gorkha, Nepal, 2014. You won’t see many pictures of me, I’m not a huge fan of that.

My website will consist two elements. First, the blog. Under “Destinations” you will find a now small but hopefully soon fast growing database of off the beaten path places. Under “Inspirational” I will file everything that has to do with traveling. I am planning on giving you list of travelmovies and -books, cultural guides to help you on your way and some funny or crazy stories that I would just like to share with you!

The second part of my website will offer some services – eventually. I need to start working it out first, but the idea is to put up a “Join the Journey” part and a “Get a Personalised Travel Itinerary” part. The idea for Join the Journey started when I heard that there are many people who are scared to take the first steps into travel alone. This is completely understandable, I was peeing my pants and crying my eyes out when I got on my first flight alone a couple of years ago. For several reasons it can be difficult, or unwanted, to hit the road with a companion. So my idea is to offer myself as a travelbuddy and guide to help you hit the road, for as long as you want and as organised as you want. The Personalised Travel Itinerary seemed like a fun idea for anyone who’d like some unusual and outstanding insights from an expert, on a professional level, for their own trip. More on that later.

So that would be the idea for Travel and Live! I hope you find it inspiring, it makes you want to hit the road and explore the world. I hope it shows you something new and fresh. If you have any questions or suggestions, hit me up at or on Facebook.

Keep Traveling!!!